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Hotmail users often wonder HOW TO CONTACT HOTMAIL PHONE NUMBER AUSTRALIA. When they need help with their Hotmail accounts. As Microsoft does not provide any help over the phone. You do not need to worry. As we will guide you on HOW TO CONTACT HOTMAIL PHONE NUMBER AUSTRALIA online. If you are still wondering HOW TO CONTACT HOTMAIL PHONE NUMBER AUSTRALIA. Call us now.


The best way to contact Hotmail customer service Australia is by calling on. Or by starting a chat session on our website. We already have discussed the main steps. However you can always visit Hotmail website. And click on forgot password. Then follow the instructions online. But we are pretty much sure that you already have done that. And have not achieved any success yet. If you are not technical enough at all. And do not know how to do that. Then your best chance is to call us. So that we can help you over the phone. We understand the fact that you are old enough. And do not understand the technology very well. Or you never had to use your email password. Most of the time people do forget their Hotmail password. As they never needed it at first place.

Because the emails were logged in their phone all the times. Sometimes, it can become very difficult. Or impossible to change Hotmail password if you have only mobile. And are not using any computer. Therefore, it is important to speak with a technician. And explore all the available and alternate options. To recover your Hotmail account and change the password. If you are not able to send or receive emails on your phone. But still can login into the email account. And remember the password and need help. Then call us. There could be several reasons why you are not able to send or receive emails. Such as email address is wrong. Or server settings are incorrect. First, we will talk about the reasons why you are not able to send emails to everyone or someone.

So, let’s say if you are not able to send email to one person. But can still send emails to everyone else. And while sending emails you are getting a bounce back message. Make sure to read that bounce back email message. As it tells you the reason why your email was not delivered. Few common reasons could be that the email address was typed in incorrectly. Or the email address does not exist. And their server rejected your email. After finding the exact reason. You need to take proper action. And then try to send the email again. In case one, where you typed in a wrong email address. Double check the spellings in the email address and make sure you are using dot(.) in place of comma (,) while typing .com.

This is the most common mistake a user does and ends up typing in comma instead of a dot. Once you correct the email address and try to send an email, it will surely go through. In case two which tells you that the email address was deleted which means you are sending an email to someone who is not using that email address anymore or their email company might have suspended their email account due to non-payment or for any other unknown reason.  Then, you need to contact that person directly or in some other way to get another email address for communication from them. In the last case, where you got a message saying server rejected your email request, that means, their email settings are configured in such a way that they are not able to accept emails from you.

And their server is rejecting your email. To fix that, you need to contact them and advise them about that bounce back message and ask them to get MX record settings updated into the cPanel of their domain hosting account. Their IT guy will be able to take care of the rest. Now, we will talk about if you are not able to send emails to anyone which generally means that your email account is not able to sync with Hotmail server and is not able to pass any information further. That happens normally when you have a problem with your Hotmail password and either it has been changed recently or your account has been hacked. Similarly, if you are not able to receive emails from everyone, you need to check your password and change it as soon as possible.

You will then need to remove you email account from your phone and then add it again with the new password which you have just changed. But, in case you can still receive emails from everyone but not receiving emails from someone then contact them in some other way and ask them if they are getting any bounce back message or not when they send you an email. If they are getting a bounce back message, then it will tell them the exact reason of message failure. In that case, just send them the instructions which we already have discussed above in case you are not able to send an email to someone. Once they have fixed the problem at their end, they can try to send you an email and it will come through. Even after trying all these steps, if it does not work for you.

Or if you think you are not technical enough to follow all these instructions, need not to worry, as we are here to provide you unlimited technical support over the phone and chat. All you need to do is to call our certified technicians and explain your problem and they will start working on your case patiently and you will get everything fixed by the end of the phone call. We provide multi-tasking support which means we can fix your computer at the same time we are helping you with your emails on your mobile phone which means once we finish the phone call, you will be able to use your emails on all of your devices such as computers, mobiles, laptops and tablets. 

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